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Growing food and community gardens in Casper, Wyoming!

More than 90 percent of adults in Wyoming don't eat enough vegetables to meet their nutritional needs.

The Casper Community Greenhouse Project is a local nonprofit dedicated to bringing healthy eating habits to the Casper, Wyoming community through greenhouses, community gardens, and agricultural education.

A greenhouse built by Casper Community Greenhouse Project.

Now, Casper Community Greenhouse Project is developing a 5-acre lot for the Grow Casper project, which will house greenhouses, community gardens, and educational facilities all in one location.

An artist's rendition of the Grow Casper project.

Grow Casper

Grow Casper is located at Venture Way and E. 2nd Street in Casper, Wyoming, and will feature a host of walking paths, trees, ponds and other attractions to make the site visually appealing and ecologically healthy.

Please help support this amazing venture!

Become a part of healthy eating and local agriculture by supporting the Casper Community Greenhouse Project today!

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