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The Casper Community Greenhouse Project has worked on garden projects all around Casper, from school greenhouses to community gardens to garden walls.


school greenhouses

Our vision for the future of our community starts with our children.


From the ground up, we work with Natrona County School District and each of the school's staff to garner involvement in a greenhouse classroom. We hire and help fund the building and construction process, but we don't stop there. A greenhouse is just a shed without someone to help it grow. Our project helps hire a part-time greenhouse manager to care for the facility. 

Each school uses their greenhouse classroom for different learning applications. Integrating with parts of their curriculum like creative writing, STEAM, business and entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, biology, propagation, chemistry, and so much more. 

Read about our schools and how they have made their greenhouses an interactive class experience.

Park Elementary school

This is our newest greenhouse build, completed in March 2023. This school is excited to have a space to grow and learn entrepreneurial skills. Park plans on setting up a farm stand to sell some of what they learn to grow. The students of the garden club created a dream board of what they would love to grow in their greenhouse. We are excited to be a part of making those dreams a reality!

Evansville Elementary

The Garden Club here has an annual Mother's Day Plant Sale. Students learn all costs and time that it takes to have plants to sell. They use business practices to evaluate costs of seeds, dirt, time, pots, water, and demand. They also learn about many different types of tropical, desert, and aquaponic plants. The koi fish help to grow some of the plants they learn can be grown by propagation.

Journey Elementary

Students here focus on food production, they love how their homegrown veggies taste better than the store-bought varieties! Check out the outdoor sensory garden and summer growing space.

Copy of Evansville elem ribbon cutting.jpg

Community Gardens

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